Tuesday, March 29, 2005

The Roadmap to Starting Your Own Business

Nine years ago I was tired of living from pay check to pay. I wanted to be able to buy the fine things in life without not paying my bills. So I started my own business. There were lessons I had to learn while starting my business. I will share them with you, if you are interested in being an Entrepreneur, Business Owner, Executive Director, and CEO. Also, if you have a fire inside to be your own boss, and not scare to go to the next level in your life. So come join me and take a trip to make your dream and business a reality!

The Business Roadmap

In order to start a business you must have a business idea. A business ideas can come from your skills, experiences, hobbies, knowledge and interests.

The Roadmap for developing a business idea begin:

* Write down all your skills, experiences, hobbie, knowlege and interests.

* Think of businesses or services that you can turn into a business from your list.

* Ask yourself what business would I love to do from the business list you created.

* Also, ask yourself what business is needed in your community.

* Lastly, do research about your business idea (library, Internet, other businesses)

This month motto is "Change" If you do not change what you are doing today; tomorrow will be no different from yesterday.

Please share your comments on how you started your business or want to start a business.