Saturday, October 05, 2013

Business Networking Action

The Business Networking Action (BNA) has been providing Individuals, nonprofit organizations, and businesses with business resources,  upcoming grant information, business development workshops, seminars, consulting and technical assistance services that will help entrepreneurs, directors and pastors meet their tasks and be more productive to reach their goals.

The BNA motto is "Change" If you do not change what you are doing today; tomorrow will be no different from yesterday.

The Business Networking Membership offers:

*BNA Email resources about upcoming grants, contracts, donations, fundraiser opportunities, and business resources information.

*Free one half hour telephone consultation every month.

*Collaborative opportunities on Grantwriting teams, and fundraising projects.

*Free referral service database is available for members to register their businesses or organzations.

Discount on business and organization development workshops, consulting services, grants, sample of grant proposal , business and noprofit startup resources books.

Call (773) 287-5543 to registration with the Business Networking Action.

Contact Information

Sandra Glenn
Business Consulting
Prevention Force Family Center
Business Services Department
4728 W. Madison Street
Chicago, Illinois 60644
Telephone: (773) 287-5543