Monday, October 06, 2014

BNA Grant Searching Services

Grant Funding Search: We search and develop a list of potential funding resources for a small fee per hour.

Grant Research: If your organization has a proposal, but not the funding source, our company will locate new sources.

Grant Proposal Review: If your organization wants a completed proposal evaluated prior to submission to the funding source, we can help. proofread it making sure it matches the funding guidelines. We score the proposal, identify weaknesses and make suggestions. The fee is depending on the complexity.

Before we begin our services we must have a contract signed by your organization and a deposit.

Contact Information:

Prevention Force Family Center
Business Services Department
4728 W. Madison
Chicago, Illinois 60644
Telephone: 773-287-5543


Sunday, October 05, 2014

Business Technical Services Available:

Dear Entrepreneur:

We understand starting a new business, corporation or nonprofit organization is not easy when there is only one employee (you). We has been providing Individuals, young entrepreneurs, nonprofit organizations and businesses with upcoming grant information, business development resources, consulting and technical assistance services that will help business owners, directors, and entrepreneurs meet their tasks and be more productive, to reach their business goals.

The Business Technical Services are:

• Prepare State, Federal and City Nonprofit Forms
• Incorporation and Developing Bylaws
• Federal 1023 Forms
• Searching for Grant Funding & Grant Writing Referral Services
* Grant Resource Handbook or Sample of Grant Proposals Handbook
• Nonprofit Development Training Workshop
• Small or Home Based Business Application
• Preparing Business License Application
• Assumed Name Act
• State EIN Numbers
• Consulting Services
• Business Plan and Legal Referrals
• Business Tools, and Resources
• Marketing and Advertise Training
* Business Networking Action Membership

The BNA motto is "Change" If you do not change what you are doing today; tomorrow will be no different from yesterday.

If you have any questions, or ready to schedule an appointment, please contact at (773) 287-5543 or email